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tv   The Kudlow Report  CNBC  May 13, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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i i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it just for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow. the boston bruins bill kessel has been the focal point of much media attention much of it negative. he has a chance to silence his critics in a dramatic game seven setting against his former team. seguin has already helped deliver a stanley cup to boston. in six games in this series he hasn't yet delivered a single
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point. the ultimate playoff showdown from boston. >> left side. wrist shot, score! krejci for a hat trick. >> it looked like the series was over. >> the bruins lead the series, three games to one. >> these maple leafs were down but not out. >> he just lost to bergeron. >> score! >> original six has been taken to seven and now it comes down to one game.ç >> a goal! score! ooh! >> welcome to the 2013 stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. what every hockey fan and hockey player dreams of. in the stanley cup playoffs a game seven from td garden in boston. the eastern conference quarterfinal series between the number 5 seed toronto maple leafs and the number 4 seed
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boston bruins. hi everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm dave strader. what a great night for hockey. if you think it's the home team advantage, boston. the team with momentum? advantage toronto. they won the last two games in the series. the team with the most game seven experience? advantage boston. they played and won last year and three others. if you think it is the underdog with nothing to lose it goes back to toronto. one guy who played in game seven and broadcast a lot of them my partner, brian, does anything i mentioned or any of these factors play a role in what we'll see here tonight snncht all of them do. adversity is the catalyst in this situation. i see two different categories of player. either a fear of failure guy or the hero. for the goaltender it's fear of failure because every shot and every goal against makes a difference. you can't be the hero until the end of the game. guys like zdeno chara on defense live in both worlds. they have to be careful but they want to beç a difference makers
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well. joffrey lupul and jaromir jagr up front are guys that live to be heroes and take those chances and shots when they get them. we'll see how it all develops here tonight. >> dave: we are ready for the first game seven between boston and toronto in 54 years. ♪ [ piano ] at honda, we know you. we know you're not always on top of it.
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>> dave: here at td garden a sellout crowd is about ready for a great tradition before a playoff game and that is the canadian and u.s. national anthems. >> announcer: the canadian and u.s. national anthems performed by a legend. ladies and gentlemen, please
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welcome rene rancourt. ♪ o canada our home and native landç ♪ ♪ we see thee rise the true north strong and free ♪ ♪ from far and wide o canada we stand on guard for thee ♪ ♪ god keep our land glorious and free ♪ ♪ o canada we stand on guard for thee ♪
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♪ o canada we stand on guard for thee ♪ ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the peril oousç t o'er the ram parts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air
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gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ the starting goalies for this game seven, the two goaltenders that have been going at it since the start of this series.
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it'll be james reimer considered to be perhaps the weak link for toronto in the series. he was pretty good in the first four and has been terrific inç the last two both 2-1 wins for the toronto maple leafs. on the other end tuukka rask. not a great memory. it was a loss here against philadelphia, 2010 on the way to the stanley cup finals. rask will try to erase that memory. as the leafs and the bruins, 80 plus years of a rivalry in the national hockey league, and this is only the third game seven that these two franchises have gone head to head. david krejci with the familiar linemates of nathan horton and milan lucic. lucic on the far side. two on one here.
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horton. shot, save, rebound! off the side of the net. cleared aside by gardiner. >> brian: he had three shots at that. >> dave: up around the boards and picked up by the bruins. lucic to the front of net. redirected as jagr got a stick on that. then a little pushing and shoving after the whistle. >> brian: what a start for the boston bruins. you would think franson would have learned from gameç four because he got caught up in the offensive zone and early on here for the boston bruins. >> dave: there's the second chance there by jagr. there's franson stepping up on the play. very similar to game four in overtime. >> brian: really good saves there by reimer. three whacks at him. not a terrifically great shot on the first one. you would think krejci could
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have gone a little bit higher. he shot it right into the middle. >> dave: here is jaromir jagr, taking the spot from brad marchand. this is something claude julien looked at. bergeron, boychuk. across for bartkowski. number 43. blocked by the maple leafs and macarthur able to chip it ahead. kulemin will send it into the boston zone. >> brian: if you're thinking toronto you try and put the other team under stress as quickly as you can in a game seven. this toronto team has a lot of young guys who have never been in this situation and virtually the whole boston bruins team has many times over the last two or three years alone. >> dave: i don't imagine there are too many guys who have game seven experience that played game six the night before in a different city. good shot on reimer.
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>> brian: that is a good point. this is like one giant game and period four. >> dave: the boston bruins find out during the game, a late call against boston. >> brian: peverley going at it. looks like they're going to get both of them going. >> dave: a great job there by peverley. clearly, boston was getting the only penalty. toronto had the puck. the officials are talking, brian >> brian: well, peverley is a very experienced guy. there is the initial there. no doubt about it. kadri wasn't very happy about it afterwards. they started jawing at each other. peverley did the smart thing. stayed right in his face. pressed the kid. the kid blew up a little. he should have walked away. there is lots of time in this game and he ends up in the penalty box. >> dave: i could not hear the
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announcement of the penalties, brian. there may have been an extra two though each team has a man in the box, yes, the bruins are now sending shawn thornton over. so indeed an extra penalty called against boston. so toronto has the first power play of the game seven presented by kia motors. toronto would have been better compared to the bruins who scored just çthree. they went down. a huge roll. game six last night, now chara sending it all the way back to the toronto zone >> brian: chara got close to ketel right in the corner. he lost his balance as well. this is when you find out how good the nerves are or how bad.
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>> dave: bergeron trying to hang on. back to the line van riemsdyk rolls it across. straight away. up for the touch back for kessel. kessel, the shot blocked by boychuk. back in it to the side of the net. van riemsdyk is there. poked away. now lupul. >> brian: it also hit chara's stick. that great long reach of zdeno chara made all the difference. boston is playing ugly. look at chara and van riemsdyk behind the play. chara threw him down to the ice and no penalty. wow. >> dave: brian, you know well that how a game is officiated will go a long ways to the outcome especially if one team wants to play aggressively more than the other. >> brian: i watched the warm up. he skated and almost wore himself out. the concentration is fantastic.ç >> dave: grabovski and kelly.
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a one timer. wide open inside. grabovski knocked away by mcquaid. macarthur sends it around. john-michael liles with it now. penalty is over. he has to stay until the other two. shawn thornton is out. teams at full strength. kulemin straight away for liles. lines up. out of play. mcquaid and grabovski going at it. >> brian: john-michael liles had a fantastic shot from the point. he kept it low and it was labeled just inside the far goal post. look at the screen. tuukka rask never saw it. he was looking to his left and the puck was rolling to his right. look at rask. that's just a reaction. he could feel it coming and it just races by. look at the kelly hit on grabovski. grabovski was trying to go into the middle of the ice. chara behind the play with van riemsdyk throws him down. roman wrestling. yeah. he's got a history.
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his dad was one in the olympics. there was a little bit right there. van riemsdyk is not a small guy. but chara is gigantic. >> dave: i mentioned at the top of the show as a team certainly boston has more game seven experience but there are some key performers for the maple leafs including van riemsdyk and lupul. they've playedç against peverl. able to reverse it back now for gunnarsson. a shot, up on the glass and out of play by tuukka rask. >> brian: claude julien just wanted his guys to play desperate. he didn't want to wait for them to get down on the scoreboard like the last couple games before they started to get desperate. they've had a lot of adversity. after the game last night in toronto their plane malfunctioned. they had to stay in toronto. toronto flew here to boston so boston was in toronto. toronto was here in boston. what is wrong with this picture? we're in boston for game seven.
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you have to roll with the punches there. nothing felt right coming home here, 8:00, 10:30 this morning landing for the boston bruins. only toronto has been here last night. >> dave: now chipped ahead. marchand. bergeron almost right here. reimer just off the post. the pass is intercepted in the high slot by flattin. he'll send it back the other way. a fore-check will pick it up for the bruins. long, diagonal stretch pass deflected. out of play. they come together in front of the toronto bench. >> brian: the bergeron line has been shifted around. jagr is on. they only have three points in the series and one goal. they almost had their second goal. bergeron plucked it out of the air. reimer has been really good down low. they've been jamming atç him. it started off in that first two on one with krejci taking second and third chances at it. toronto a little bit slow to react here but reimer is ready again. it's fantastic.
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the last two games reimer has been. he's had two games in the series already where he's had more than 40 saves. and you're looking at this game going in that direction the way boston is playing at the moment. >> dave: toronto for the second straight game without their center tyler bozak. a lot of speculation before they announced he was not going to play. he didn't even make it here for game seven. number 42 a former bruins draft pick was part of a trade and was in his second ever playoff game here in game seven on the road. they score!
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>> brian: play along the wall. boston bruins have done it so far. they pulled the puck off the wall and get it to matt bartkowski who gets the puck in the zone in the first place. then lucic is up against it but they control the puck. bartkowski in the middle. a little screen there. reimer looked like it beat him home on the stick side. there was a moving screen in front of him and that is david krejci. positioning in front of the net. the boston bruins are taking it to toronto at every level. they've finally got one goal to show for it. >> dave: bartkowski with the first goal of this game seven. now another collision. the big hit on marchand.
7:21 pm
matt bartkowski on the giveaway by the maple leafs. marchand off the stick and cleared ahead to van riemsdyk. back into the boston zone. chara. goes after it as much as he can to let him know that he's not going to go unnoticed with the physical play. he is pulling it out of the other maple leaf players. >> brian: zdeno chara is not going to go there but theç velocity was with chara and the whole bruin team and how they're playing right now is incredible. >> dave: mcquaid, o byrne, a trade dead laline acquisition f colorado.
7:22 pm
angle off the boards. back the other way into the maple leafs' zone. bartkowski's first career playoff goal in just his second game. he only played a little over 6:30 minutes in the one other game he played in the series, brian. up the far side now. deep pass. lupul. he's behind -- save! >> brian: a very opportunistic player, very sneaky scorer and great wheels. a couple goals in this series already. tuukka rask just grabbed him on this play as he came in all alone. ♪ ♪
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lupul has great speed. he catches zdeno chara a little flat footed. chara tried to poke the puck and it went right off lupul and in front of him. chara ends up reaching out, gets it with the high stick, chara in the penalty box for high-sticking. power play toronto. >> brian: second power play for the leafs presented by kia.
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>> dave: peverley off his stick and backhanded by boychuk for the bruins back into the maple leafs zone. bartkowski with the first goal of the game seven unassisted at 5:39. now tuukka rask. bartkowski will wrap it around. boston able to hold it in. bartkowski angles it off the glass and down the ice. keeping the puck along the wall is the key for the boston bruins. they don't want to get toronto set up. keep their face in the glass. keep picking it off the wall. you can put pressure on the puck, carry it in, and get it back down the ice. >> puts on the brakes. angles it back off the boards now for dion phaneuf. pailleç off the stick and blasd it out to center ice.
7:26 pm
van riemsdyk hit by paille sends it around. joffrey lupul there. along the boards. 45 seconds remaining on the chara penalty. now van riemsdyk. trying to get some separation from the aggressive boston penalty kill. now kessel. got back up. now to kessel. tried to redirect the pass. back to kessel. he waits. looks -- paille over, nice job by the toronto defensemen. they keep it alive. lupul now for kessel. ten seconds on the power play. save. rebound! they score! cody franson puts in a rebound.
7:27 pm
>> brian: moved in from the point. just good old fashioned hammer it from the point and get a rebound. tuukka rask couldn't find it in the pile and cody franson moved in and found it. they go from low to high. get it to number three. there's an alley way. off to the side ofç the net. everybody thinks rask has it for a moment but he stopped the initial shot, couldn't handle it. james van riemsdyk is the reason why. van riemsdyk had the stick in there. gives a good whack at it. loosens it up. as he is being pushed away, from dougie hamilton -- by dougie hamilton, the rebound is put in by franson. so after a terrific start physically puck possession wise and everything the boston bruins, it's 1-1. >> dave: cody franson's second of this series, his third career playoff goal. and what a response by toronto on the road here in this game seven. chara for krejci, deflects it
7:28 pm
now into the toronto zone. now grabovski. grabovski, macarthur. puts on the brakes. late man coming. >> brian: pretty vicious shot for lucic after that shot, too. >> dave: now lucic deflected to krejci. nathan horton. across, out of the air by gunnarsson. still alive in the toronto zone. the halfç way mark of the firs period of game seven, eastern conference. out to the line. bartkowski for horton. the shot doesn't get through. bartkowski again. one off the corner boards. krejci in deep. krejci has had a terrific series
7:29 pm
with 11 points. the overall lead, playoff lead. now the puck away -- deflected away on the boards. three on two. trying to go -- kelly down. >> brian: great by franson on that three on two. >> dave: sends it deep. colborne. collision there. now chara. second big hit for orr on zdeno chara. van riemsdyk ends up getting the assist on the goal. nearly got a two on the far side. a nifty redirection. centering attempt blocked by the bruins. now it comes to the front again. the bruins get a stick -- rolls
7:30 pm
it in, çseguin. reimer off to liles. >> brian: toronto has done a good job here of turning the table after that start by the bruins. more and more puck possession and confidence. >> dave: kadri goes down after getting a shot on van riemsdyk with a hit on marchand. it's back the other way. van riemsdyk for kadri. lucic. kadri with a big hit. bergeron hits the line. he gets the shot. an unassisted goal by bartkowski on the power play by the defenseman cody franson has tied the game at one. i'm going to miss your smell. you were my first. what? i knew it. i knew it. it's true. oh man, i'm sorry i broke your leg. i wrote a song... [ man clears throat ] sorry. here we go.
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but why you would want it is not. the 2014 e-class, see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> coach, you had a terrific start. you had the lead. toronto starting to come back. what's important for your team now? >> we give them momentum every time we take a penalty. if we can stay out of the box, five-on-five and play the way we know we can like we did at the beginning we'll be okay. >> thanks, coach. >> thank you. >> well the numbers started out, they have for claude julien's team been going back to the best five-on-five team by far in the national hockey league. >> brian: the year they won the cup the power play was good at times but they went long stretches where it wasn't.
7:33 pm
you could see his frustration level. there's been a lot of stuff let go already. i think the refs have done a good job. they want to let these guys play the game seven, too. >> dave: trying to lift it out of there. just missed paille. the puck is wide of the toronto wall, brian >> brian: he missed half but got the other half. paille wasn't happy. >> dave: slapped away by orr who played earlier in his career briefly with the boston bruins. a couple connections on these two rosters as o'byrne steps into his man. lil liles, mcclement. now rask. off the boards. lucic. slides it ahead to david krejci. back to nathan horton. horton a shot blocked. now krejci. all the way out to the line. bartkowski now for lucic again.
7:34 pm
boychuk. wide. krejci tries to get his stick out. joffrey lupul gets toç it. ahead. one down by nathan horton. they come to center ice and picked up -- bartkowski plays it aggressively. colbor colborne. save made by rask out of nowhere. colborne gets a great chance. >> brian: did he ever. he picked up the loose change after lupul got along the boards. the bruins were slow to react. >> dave: here's gardiner with kessel. gardiner with a shot. he just fired it too high. >> brian: dave, i don't remember a game seven like this one. this mean and nasty and openly aggressive physically. in game sevens you always think we can't take penalties. you heard claude julien. if you're going to play this way and both teams are then you are going to end up in the penalty box at times unless they cool it
7:35 pm
down. >> brian: usually guys are a little more conservative on game seven. marchand angles just enough by boston, preventing him from getting to the scoring area he was looking for as van riemsdyk gets the backhand out. here's kessel. that was off the stick of chara. dave gardiner moved up on the play. gardiner sends it back now for liles. he'll roll it in deep. bounce off the stick. now chara. for marchand. again, it's jagr out here. bergeron and marchand. co far in the first period, his shot goes wide of reimer. and kulemin back the other way with macarthur and grabovski. into the glove of tuukka rask he will hold it there. a little scrum there. 1-1 here in game seven. r sensit, there's fusion proglide. our micro thin blades are thinner than a surgeon's scalpel for our gentlest shave.
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careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. >> dave: watch three small businesses compete for $50,000 to win the money they must win over the crowd. premieres tomorrow on cnbc prime. cody franson with the power play goal for toronto. >> brian: during that time-out at least half the benches on either side just basically staring each other down. an incredible atmosphere down here. no yelling and screaming. just staring each other down
7:38 pm
like boxers. able to push it along. bartkowski has the boston goal. the bruins without andrew ference. second game he's missed in a row. kelly. playing up the boardsç kessel. back hands it up the near side. boychuk held it in. reimer has the glove on it. let's go inside the glass presented by -- >> brian: the atmosphere is terrific and the tone was set in the warm up by zdeno chara. this was his first shift against phil kessel. orr running back against him. chara against van riemsdyk who is not exactly a 5'2", hundred-pound guy. he threw him down like he wasn't even there. he has literally dared the
7:39 pm
toronto maple leafs to take one step closer toward the boston net again at times and he is out there again. >> dave: i think we'll see chara out there for a good 30 minutes in this game tonight. there is chara. that's blocked by orr. over skates the puck. gunnarsson back inside. oh, my. now jake gardiner. the 22-year-old who played three years at the university of wisconsin. he jumped into a situation here with injuries on defense for toronto. >> brian: toronto -- took that nasty shot to the face. gardiner comes in to replace him, a completely different kind of player. cody franson has played with both of them most of the time. franson has had to make adjustments to play with two very different types of defensemen and has done a heck of a job doingç it. >> dave: gardiner showed last night in game six he wasn't afraid to jump in. >> bob: he is a wild musmustang
7:40 pm
dave, no doubt. he has wheels. he's a wild mustang and creates offense for the bruins. >> dave: a great defenseman out of the university of wisconsin. colborne back hands to the head. bartkowski now. lupul into the fore-check. bartkowski wraps it around. off the stick by lucic. horton. krejci. doubles it down. horton. colborne. recovered. now lucic. battling to keep position. gunnarsson. gives gunnarsson a shove. lucic gets it back from nathan horton. now top of the line picked off by kessel. who has three goals in the series. two game winners. lupul to the far side. kadri going after it. paille was there. now frattin protecting it. zdeno chara sends it back.
7:41 pm
they move up the glass and out of play. you can watch live games. down load or get a free premium upgrade on verizon ç4glte smar phone. >> brian: randy carlyle sends different combinations of players out there. it is difficult for him because obviously he is on the road but he has done that a lot in his coaching career. he really studies the boston bruins. every time i look over he is looking up and down to see who he thinks is coming next on their team. >> dave: campbell off the stick. gardiner regains. across the line. paille gets to it. takes a hit. now shawn thornton for the bruins back hands it across into the leaf zone.
7:42 pm
picked up. along the boards. paille on the far side. franson steps in. mcclement takes it up the boards. gardiner gets a stick on it. campbell knocks it down. up and coming, gets by dougie hamilton out to center ice. bartkowski now. sends it in deep. thornton with the steal in the corner. back out to the point zdeno chara. back in deep. just off the bench -- trapped in there deepç on the line change. less than a minute remaining in the period. reimer, recovered here by komarov. kulemin just dropping back into his own zone as the leafs regroup now macarthur over
7:43 pm
skates. the shot was deflected out to the high slot area. kelly had to take it away. grabovski with a chance here fires it wide of the boston goal. in deep boychuk. hands off to chara. less than half a minute remaining in the first. now chara again. angles it off the board. clock winding down. final 12 seconds of the first period of game seven. taken away, bergeron. jagr with that hard tap. and the leafs come up with it. chip it back out to center ice. the first period comes to an end. each team with 12 shots. each team with one goal. no score for toronto on the power play.
7:44 pm
and matt bartkowski unassisted the goal for boston. theç first intermission reporta game seven preview of the other eastern conference quarterfinal being played tonight in washington, d.c. between the caps and the rangers. 1-1 here at the end of the first period of game seven in boston. the first intermission report on the other side of this. clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine.
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welcome to the lexus intermission report. anson played 24 stanley playoff games during his nhl career. after 20 minutes in boston it's 1-1 between the maple leafs and the bruins. anson, which player had the most eventful first period? >> i would say cody franson. cody franson was the perfect example of why you have to have a short memory to play in game seven. he went from goat to hill in a hurry. cody finds it blowing snow on the initial fore-check and the bruins' heavy attack caught the
7:48 pm
turn over at the bruins' first goal. he is going to make up for it later on in the period russ though he is able to come down on the power play as you see here, out numbered by bruins defenders. look at the loose puck. he taps it in to make it a 1-1 hockey game. now the period was progressing.% breaking the three on two and then, you know, gave him a chance to really come out of that period 1-1. cody franson, able to hang his hat and get down after that first initial miscue, he would have been in trouble. he was able to pick himself up and forget about it. >> three times during the first six games these two teams have been tied after one period n all three of those games the toronto maple leafs have won that game. more pressure on boston now tied after 20 minutes. >> nothing to lose. they gave the maple leafs a chance to win the series and the fact they were able to battle back and force a game seven, all the pressure as the game stays close going toward the second and third period has to be on
7:49 pm
the bruins' shoulders. >> there are two games seven going on tonight. we'll preview the game in washington, capitals and rangers now after 20 minutes in the boston bruins 1 and toronto maple leafs 1. [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance, a new ride comes along and changes everything. ♪ the 2013 lexus gs, with a dynamically tuned suspension and adjustable drive modes. because the ultimate expression of power is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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it's my stanley cup. i'm off! late for tea with the queen! geico. proud partner of the nhl.
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welcome back. coming up at the top of the hour on the nbc sports network another game seven for the second strade year the washington capitals and new york rangers have taken it to the ç limit. the home team has won each game of the series and tonight it will be played in d.c. last five games of the series have been one goal, a couple 1-0 games including yesterday's game six at madison square garden. >> brian, all these games have been really tight. can you take us through the team's mindset when you have a goalie like this playing behind
7:53 pm
you? >> we have a lot of faith. obviously he is our mvp. we try to protect the lead but it's great he's there. >> yesterday you were involved in a fracas at the end of the game. does it carry over into game seven? >> i think so. there is too much on the line. emotions are high. >> how do you win in this building? >> i think you just got to get back to the way we played at home. we had good moments last game in this building. just two overtime losses. we're close. we got a lot of faith. >> as the numbers will suggest this series is a tight one. who has been the best player on either game through the six games. >> the goaltenders. henrik lundqvist has been a rock for the new york rangers as they struggled to score goals over the course of the series he has been the one consistent control game in and game out. the capitals started off theç
7:54 pm
series very hot and lundqvist was a rock in the net and braden holtby on the other end, really getting no recognition. he's been outstanding for the capitals. even though they scored last game against him it wasn't his fault. went off alexey's hand. can't really fault him for that. both goalies tight checking game. a low scoring affair. solid goaltending. those are the two players to look out for tonight. >> no points in the last four games of the series by alex ovechkin. in his career he's never gone five games without scoring a point whether regular season or postseason. from the way you've seen him play in the first six do you expect him to break out tonight? >> i do. good job shutting down ovechkin but a lot of chances, a lot of scoring opportunities. you can't keep a sniper like that down for too long so nice to see him break out tonight. >> back to the td garden when we return. it is 1-1 after one. matt bartkowski his first career nhl goal for the bs. cody franson for toronto.
7:55 pm
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two game sevens tonight not enough? no problem. conference semifinals get under way tomorrow night with the penguins hosting the senators in pittsburgh. then out west sharks face the defending stanley cup champion l.a. kings. coverage begins with nhl live at here is a look at your first period numbers. 18-14 in favor of toronto led by cody franson with three. what a period he had in period one. period two, coming up next from boston. engine and 41 mpg. good. now add some of this. and that. definitely him. and her. a little more of her. perfect. time out. how we doin'? [ car accelerating ] okay, let's take it up a notch. give it a heap of this, one of those and that. got anything with grappling hooks and a plane? [ explosions ] yeah, that'll work. ♪
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